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Kobee Manatee Heading Home to Florida by Robert Scott Thayer

Kobee Manatee Heading Home to Florida by Robert Scott Thayer

Kobee a West Indian manatee, also known as a Florida manatee, is the star of this children’s picture book. The story was about his journey back to Blue Spring state park in Florida. Along the way he meets two new friends in Tess the seahorse and Pablo the hermit crab.

The story was well written and beautifully illustrated. I would have loved when my children were little to have some of the prints to hang up in their nursery. This story would be wonderful to share with smaller children, however, older children could also benefit from the story with the inclusion of the fun real life manatee facts that are at the bottom of almost every page. There’s also a link to  save the manatees website. This book deserves 5 stars.


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Unpredictable Webs by Darlene Quinn

Unpredictable Webs by Darlene Quinn
The story like it’s name offers more twists and turns then I first expected. I love the journey the family goes on. Also I have to give a shout out to a writer who gave the character Nelson the same chronic illness (fibromyalgia) that I myself have. I’d love to introduce him to the spoon theory. Anyways back on topic. What would you do if your baby daughter was kidnapped? How would you treat the innocent family the you find her with? How do you make your child feel welcome and apart of the family?  These are just a few of the questions that I asked myself. The growth of the characters, Marnie especially was especially evident at the end. At times I had a few difficulties in following what was going on with whom. The novel was action packed and was well worth a extra brain power to read. If you like mystery novels do yourself a favor and pick this book up.

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Revelations by Daniel Diehl

Revelations by Daniel Diehl is book one of The Merlin Chronicles. Archeological, Arthurian figures and magic all come to play in this outstanding novel.

Tintagel, the home of Arthurian legend is where we first meet Jason. His professor offers him a chance to be in charge of his own dig, the middens. Most people would rather not be digging around in that type of area, however, for an archeologist it offers a wealth of information. His team finds a hollow glass sphere, something that shouldn’t be able exist.

Undisturbed for over 1,500 years Merlin has secreted himself away to research how to save the world from certain total annihilation. Through his dreams with Jason he starts to learn about the new modern world he suddenly finds himself in.

Morgana le Fay through magic learned by the world’s enemies still exists. She has also been researching for centuries vital difference, she is in league with those who wish to destroy earth. Morgana believes that the enemies will let her rule over a small portion.

I deeply enjoyed reading this novel by Mr. Diehl. The combinations of well developed characters as well as his description writing make it very easy to immerse yourself in his world. The sequel will be available in Spring 2014. This novel has a full 5 stars from me.

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The Mexican Gardner by Len Lamensdorf Review

The Mexican Gardener by Len Lamensdorf is a stomach twisting wild ride complete with treachery, greed, and Anthrax.

José and Hector grew up together attending the Mission school in Mexico. Hector’s rich parents simply wanted a good Catholic education for their son. He was a man who always seemed slightly shady and sadistic and to whom loyalty accounted for everything. José was a very intelligent boy who grew up wanting more than his middle-class parents could provide. By joining the Mexican army he paid for his medical education and learned combat skills. Although he discovered that being a physician did not suit he was able to switch to the Army reserves and attend graduate school. He graduated with honors in biological chemistry.

Years later Hector approaches José with an incredible offer of employment. A dream come true to a research scientist. However, not all is as it seems. And so starts the torment and pile of bodies.

Len Lamensdorf writing is vividly descriptive and is definitely a worthwhile read. I was fortunate enough to read it straight thru and during the daylight. I fully admit to being scared and a wee bit nauseous by the end of this. However, if you enjoy the thriller/mystery genre be sure to give this book a try. Lamensdorf also is the author of the young adult trilogy, The Will to Conquer, as well as several additional adult fiction novels.

I give this book 5 Stars.

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Welcome to Agapa Reads

There’s nothing I love more than to read and share books that I enjoy. Thru this blog I hope to be able to do both. Also from time to time friends and family will share reviews of their own. Maybe we’ll get lucky and have an author drop by for a visit.

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