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Book Blast: Forever Your Heart by Mary Whitney

Book Blast: Forever Your Heart (Beside Your Heart #3) by Mary Whitney ~ March 31 – April 3, 2014 (Contemporary Fiction)



Title: Forever Your Heart (Beside Your Heart #3)

Author: Mary Whitney

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Date: April 8, 2014

Publisher: Omnific Publishing

Event Organized ByLiterati Author Services, Inc.


I’m a journalist—Adam Kincaid, BBC reporter, to be exact, so I’m not going to bury the lead. I’m about to see the woman I never got over.

I know that because I’ve been back in America for years now, and I still don’t date American girls. My dad would say I’ve come to my senses, sticking to my own British patrician kind, but that’s crap. Mum, the psychologist, would more wisely say it’s my unresolved issues around Nicki. My teenage years are long behind me, yet my guilt over her remains. So I’ve avoided all things Nicki, though the irony is she’s the one avoiding me.

Maybe if we see each other, we can both move on. Could she ever forgive me? Can you forgive yourself when you hurt someone you love?

But please, don’t answer yet. I’ve jumped ahead of the story, and as a reporter, I should give you more background to get to the root of it all.

So let me tell you my story. Then you can be the judge.

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About the Author:

Mary blames Laura Ingalls Wilder and Margaret Mitchell for her obsession with romance novels. At an early age, Mary fell in love with the Little House series and its dreamy hero, Almanzo Wilder, who only wanted Laura to be Laura. Like many women, Mary later graduated to the ultimate, tall and dark bad boy, Rhett Butler, who loved Scarlett despite her flaws.

Mary has lived in many parts of the U.S., and after a first career in the non-profit world and politics, she’s settled in Northern California with her husband and daughters. She spends her days writing characters she hopes somehow capture the romance of Rhett and Scarlett and Almanzo and Laura. She’s a firm believer in what Rhett says to Scarlett: “You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how.

Connect with the Author



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Melted & Shattered Cover Reveal

meltedshattered banner

Cover Reveal

Melted & Shattered by Emily Eck*

Melted & Shattered (L & J #2)

By: Emily Eck

Publication Date: April 21, 2014

Genre: Romance/Trilogy

Cover Designer: Melody Simmons

Ebook Indie Covers*


Elle was never broken.

She wasn’t shattered.

And she sure as hell never needed to be saved.

That is, until she found out what the aftermath of love was capable of causing.

Doing her best to stay afloat amidst the sh!t storm that has become her life, Elle is hanging on by a thread. Between worrying about Fernie’s precarious future, an incident with a Shemar Moore look-alike gone terribly wrong, and an inability to let go of her feelings for J, Elle just can’t seem to get her head straight.

Deciding a change of atmosphere is what she needs, Elle heads to Mexico to study abroad for a semester.

She has no idea that she is walking into an even worse storm.

One that involves a pissed off MC President, a ruthless drug cartel, and a man willing to die to have her light.

***This is the 2nd book in the series L&J – cannot be read as a stand-alone***

Purchase Links

Steel & Ice (L&J #1)

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Smashwords / Kobo

Amazon UK / Amazon CA

J Speaks (L&J #1.5)

Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Smashwords /  Kobo

Amazon UK / Amazon CA


“I came here, baby, to tell you I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.”  He inhaled sharply, but said in an even voice. “And I can’t lose you before the greatest fight I will ever wage.”

Redemption. Could I absolve him? I lay in a hospital bed for two weeks. All of it at his hands. I’d been marred, though the scar on my skin was not the worst damage. It was a reminder of the scar I’d carried inside. Could he erase that scar? Could he heal a wound one could not see?

There was silence, deafening silence. I tried to keep it together. I used every ounce of energy I had to keep the fire at a low flame, but it blazed through me. He would’ve shot my kid, and I couldn’t let that happen. These kids, they’d become my lifeline. My light.

“Without those kids, I’m just as dark as you.” I said emotionlessly, empty. These last few weeks of pretending during the day, only to come home and sob until sleep graced me was maddening. “I’ve got nothing left to give you, J. Nothing.”

I hung my head, losing the fight with the tears that had been threatening to erupt since J arrived. “I can’t be your light, when I have none.”

We lay on the floor, two damaged bodies searching for the light. J pulled my head into his hands, bringing us face to face. I could feel his breath against my lips. “You were a comet that bust into my life out of no where” he whispered. “I begged for you. On my knees in the dirt, I groveled to the sky to bring me light. And there you were, at Eight Oh Eight, staring up at me, even though I knew you couldn’t see through the window. I saw you, though. Elle, I saw you long before you saw me.”

“How could I love a killer?”

“How much pain was worth loving this man?

“Please, baby. Please. I need you. I love you. I can’t go into this without knowing you’ll be here when I return.”

“I’m not sure what to say. I want to tell you I’ll wait. That I’ll be here, waiting like a good girl for you. I want to because I love you. Fuck, I love you.” I turned, finally ready to look him in the eye. “I don’t know where I’ll be. I can’t tell you that. But I can tell you that I love the fuck out of you, and no matter how much I try to stop,” I paused. Fuck this mother fucker. Fuck! God, why was he doing this to me? Angry tears, sad tears, hopeless tears, tears filled with longing fell from my eyes. J caught then with his thumb, but there were too many. They ran over his fingers like a waterfall.

“Fuck, J. I don’t want you to die.”

He pulled me to him, and I inhaled his scent. I’d never be able to smell Acqua di mother fucking Gio again and not think of him. Today it was mixed with the smell of exhaust, like he’d been riding around all night. For what felt like the gazillionth time, I crumbled into his arms. How did two times come to be a number exponentially higher?

“I don’t want to die, baby. I want to fall asleep next to you. I want to wake up next to you. I’m fighting this war for you. To be with you.”


teaser 2 teaser 4

Author Bio*

Emily is a Midwestern Gal, but could be anywhere as you read this. She gypsy’s the country, as well as south of the border. Adventure feeds her soul, and offers great writing material.

She loves kids and working with kids, but can only handle caring for four-legged furry friends. A crazy dog and laid back cat have trained her to be their partner in life.

Vices include Swedish Fish, ignoring chores in favor of reading, and caring too much for people in her life. She chose to write this bio in third person as she is an Aries, and found writing in first person ended up with her writing an excessively long life story.

Aries like to talk about themselves. It is something Emily is working on being more mindful of.

Connect with Emily

Facebook * Goodreads * Twitter


The author has very generously given this blog a copy of her first novel Steel & Ice to giveaway. Please comment below for a chance to win.


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Final Hours by Cate Dean Blog Tour


Title: Final Hours (Love In Time Book 1)

Author: Cate Dean

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: March 24, 2014

Cover: Jes Richardson Photography and Design:



One man’s death will change the future.

Only two people can save him – if they have the courage to trust each other.

Elizabeth Barritt fought hard for the life she has, finally putting the ugly memories of a childhood trapped in the foster care system behind her. She has the chance to move forward, to reach out for a new, exciting future, surrounded by the art that is her passion. All she has to do is take the first step.

Enter Jackson Kane, who bursts into her life, literally out of thin air. He is a time traveler, on the hunt for a rogue agent. Colliding with Elizabeth is not on his agenda, as much as she intrigues him.

When Kane is injured protecting Elizabeth from that agent, she makes a decision that will change her life, in ways she couldn’t even begin to grasp. She takes him home.

Once he is healed enough to travel, Kane goes after the agent, chasing him back to war-torn London. But his journey back takes a sideways turn, forcing Elizabeth to make another choice. She follows him into the past, to help him stop one man from changing their future.

Together, they learn to trust. What they don’t expect is the connection between them – a connection so strong they can’t fight it, even as they try. Because how can it work, when their lives are centuries apart?

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Elizabeth knew, when she saw his eyes change, just what he had planned as he stalked back across the lab.

She couldn’t move, could hardly breathe.

When he swept her up and his lips possessed hers, she expected a hot, fierce, angry kiss. Instead, his lips gentled, exploring hers. The effect was devastating.

He broke through every barrier she’d spent years building, and she felt her heart open to him, trembling, vulnerable.

Both arms reached up to wrap around his neck, and her fingers slid into his thick, unruly hair. He tasted like mint. She let out a low moan when he eased her mouth open, deepening the kiss. She forgot their audience, forgot her fear of becoming attached to a man who would leave her alone, forgot everything but the feel of his lips, the strength of his arms, the heat of his body.

His hand slipped up her back, tangled in her hair as he angled her head, pulled her in deeper. Heat spiraled through her, and the need to get closer had her arching in to him.

She could feel his rapid heartbeat, hear his ragged breath as he started to lose control. Or was that her breath, so fast and hard it made her lightheaded?

Kane broke off the kiss, staring down at her.

“God help me,” he whispered, just before he dove in again.

This time it was fierce and hungry, and she rode the wild emotions, abandoning any attempt to hold back. His demanding mouth, the hands curving over her hips and pressing her tight against him refused to let her retreat.

She lost herself in the heat, in the need for another person she had never felt before. A need she protected herself from, in a life that had no guarantees, and more disappointment than she thought she could ever take and stay whole—

This time she broke off the kiss, fighting to catch her breath, terrified that it was too late. Kane rested his forehead against hers, his own breathing just as labored. “I simply meant to say goodbye.”

“That was some goodbye,” she whispered.

“Too much?” Humor edged his deep voice.


With a quiet sigh, he pressed his lips to her temple. “Ready for this?”


His laughter soothed her nerves. “I need you to ease your death grip on my neck, love.”

The endearment had her tensing again. Oh, yes—it was too late. She liked him before they landed in his time. Now she wanted him. How the hell was she supposed to forget the way his lips felt on hers, the raw, uncontrollable emotion he stirred in her?

She lowered her arms, and Kane eased her to the floor. Heat rushed across her face as everyone in the lab applauded.

To her surprise, Kane bowed, flashing a smile. “Thank you, for your good wishes.” He took her hand, nodded to Mac, and led her to the steps next to the platform. Sparks danced around the perimeter of the circle. “Now I will give you a proper goodbye.” Her heart jumped as he leaned in, but his lips touched her cheek, warm and brief. “Take care, Elizabeth Barritt. Be proud of who you are, live your life for you.”

How could saying goodbye to someone she barely knew hurt so much? Tears stung her eyes at his quiet words. He made it worse by brushing hair off her forehead, his touch gentle, almost more intimate than kissing her.

“Please be careful,” she whispered. Her voice threatened to lodge in her throat, along with her tears. She laid her hand on his left wrist. “Guy is going to do whatever he needs to do to stop you.”

“The constant twinges will be a good reminder. Not a word, Beth.” His fingers cupped her chin. “I will be ready for him. Now, I believe I need to kiss you again. For luck,” he said against her lips, just before he claimed them.

This time the kiss was achingly sweet, and far too short. Kane ended it, tracing the line of her cheek before he backed out of reach.



author_photo_-_Cate_Dean lightened

My name is Cate, and I write romantic suspense and paranormal, with some action packed YA paranormal and fantasy thrown in.

I am a huge history buff, and with my English/Irish heritage, I have always gravitated to English history. That love has taken me across the pond on a regular basis for the last 15 years. I got to combine the thrill of being in a country I love with my research addiction. 🙂

The Love in Time series is the culmination of those trips – and my love for romantic suspense.

Join Cate’s mailing list and be in the know: Cate’s News and Notes

Social Links:


Facebook page



Other Books:

The Claire Wiche Chronicles   The Monster Files   Short Stories/Novellas


Cate Dean

1.      I have been making up stories in my head since I was about five. Full blown, plot and subplot stories, with multiple characters.

2.      I collect rocks and crystals from every place I’ve been. I even have a bit of Roman stone from the 2nd century.

3.      I base most of my trips to England around castles, and I have been thrilled and awed by every one I’ve been able to visit.

4.      I’ve had so many amazing experiences in my years as a traveler – one of my favorites was dancing with a group of Arabic teenagers under a bridge on London’s South Bank. I came across them dancing to a trio of musicians, and they pulled me in to their revelry. I waltzed with three of the sweetest boys, kissed their cheeks, and went on my way, smiling the rest of the night.

5.      I love to travel on my own. The absolute freedom, the immersion in the places I go, the people I meet – I wouldn’t travel any other way.

6.      I grew up with the twins who played Tabitha on the series Bewitched. I am still friends with one of them.

7.      I love cemeteries, and have visited my share – every type from the huge and spooky Necropolis on the hill overlooking Glasgow Cathedral, to a small graveyard surrounding the old church on Dover’s high street.

8.      I am a huge Doctor Who/Torchwood fan – and I went all the way to Cardiff Bay to see where they filmed Torchwood. I’ve even touched a TARDIS, and stood eye to eye with K-9.

9.      I love love love Red Dwarf. If you’re a sci fi fan, and you haven’t seen it, go now. It’s smegging hilarious.

10.  I am a die-hard Anglophile – if you didn’t already guess. 😉



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Just One More Romance

Just One More Romance Book Tours

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Love Lines by Diana Nixon Promo Post


Love Lines BLOG TOUR

The traces of supernatural powers have always been crossing the world of human beings. Many people know about the existence of healers, mind readers, oneiromancers and wizards. But for centuries their lives have been kept secret and no one has ever heard about Dever, a kingdom of mysteries and magic.

Neither has Eileen Clark, whose life has never been different from the one other teenagers have.

Everything changes the day Eileen receives an invitation to join the ranks of Dever’s students.

Nothing will ever be the same again…

New life, new friends, new enemies…

And love so powerful that no magic will be able to destroy…

Read CHAPTER 1 + Watch book trailer


Books by Diana Nixon:

Love Lines (Live Lines, # 1)

Songs of the Wind (Love Lines, # 2)

From Scratch (Love Lines, # 2.5)

Diamond Sky (Love Lines, # 3)

Hate at First Sight:

The Souls of Rain:


About the author:

Diana Nixon is a poet and the author of fantasy and contemporary romances.

She was born in Minsk, Belarus, where she currently lives. In 2008 she graduated from Belorussian state University. She has a Master of Law degree and speaks several foreign languages, including English, Polish and Spanish.

Official page:





Buying books:



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Book Blast Beautiful Ties (The Beautiful Series #4) by Alicia Rae


Title: Beautiful Ties (The Beautiful Series #4)

Author: Alicia Rae

Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+

Publication Date: March 25, 2014

Event Organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc. 



While watching her brothers find their happily ever afters, Abbey dreams of falling in love. Smart, fun, and sexy, Abbey is also independent and works hard alongside her brother, Kyle. When Kyle joins his business ventures with his wife’s cousins, Jason and Damon, Abbey struggles with keeping things professional.

Jason is instantly enamored with Abbey, and he becomes determined to win her over. Although she does not want to mix business with pleasure, he uses his good looks and sweet charm to work his way into her heart. All the while, Abbey begins building a friendship with a neighborhood child, Pearl. Abbey’s heart warms to Pearl, and their friendship quickly blossoms into a loving relationship.

Can Abbey find a way balance her growing feelings for Jason and her need to take care of Pearl? Or will Abbey need to sacrifice one relationship for the sake of the other?

Goodreads link:

About the Author



Alicia Rae is a Contemporary Romance Author who lives in Dekalb, Illinois, with her husband and three beautiful boys. Alicia has a passion for reading all types of romance, writing to bring a story to life, and photography.

Thank you to my dear sister, Kels, who showed me a few years ago how much I truly missed reading. And to my loving husband, for not throwing away my Nook, and planting the seed of writing into my mind. I am forever grateful. Xo

Readers, words cannot thank you enough for supporting me along this incredible journey. I hope you enjoy my novels as much as I do writing them. I thank each and every one of you.

Believe in yourself and follow your dreams…

Connect with the Author: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Within Temptation Cover Reveal

WT-FrontCover copy

Title: Within Temptation (Sons of Temptation #1)

Author: Tanya Holmes

Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense/Mystery hybrid

Release Date: May 12, 2014




Love, betrayal and murder in a small town…

Twelve years after her mother’s murder, Shannon Bradford fears she may have helped convict an innocent man. Even worse, her prominent family may have had something to do with it. Desperate for answers, she seeks help from the one person least likely to give it. Her best friend and childhood crush, Trace Dawson.

The man she sent to prison.

Serving hard time for murder has left Trace angry and bitter. As far as he’s concerned, digging into the past won’t replace the years he’s lost or erase the hell he’s lived. Now that he’s free, Shannon Bradford tops his list of bad memories.

But he never counted on falling in love.

WITHIN TEMPTATION is a contemporary/romantic suspense/mystery hybrid. Set in a sleepy little town during the dead of winter, this award-winning romance novel is a tale of one woman’s quest for truth and a man’s struggle to forgive.

 TraceDawson copy_edited-4

Pre-Order the Paperback on Amazon!


Trace sighed, braced the worktable. “I said, get out.”

Frozen with fear and anger, I stared at the floor. “No.”


I elevated my chin a fraction. “That’s right…no.”

He twisted around. His expression made a gradual shift from vengeful to predatory. Our eyes battled in silence, then, like a prowling lion, he advanced, and I, his prey, retreated until I’d backed into a wall. When his shadow engulfed me, I had to tilt my head all the way back to stare up at him. The ice had thawed in his eyes, leaving twin pools of lava.

I looked at his mouth and the time I kissed him on his seventeenth birthday came to mind. Thirteen-years-old and smitten with a desperate case of puppy love, I’d snuck up on him as he’d sat asleep in the carriage house.

The second my lips bumped into his, he’d startled awake and promptly put me away from him. He’d delivered a hasty, but genial grin, then wagged a finger.

Instead of giving me the brutal truth—that I was a pathetic little girl—the boy they’d ranked with Satan took pity on me. I was too good for him, he’d said.

But there was no pity in his eyes now as his gaze wandered my body. He may have killed my mother, may have even taken another life in prison, but I wasn’t afraid—not in the least. Dear God, had I become like those wretched women who got turned on by bad boys with blood-splattered pasts?

Fighting it, I looked away. “Please…stop.” “Stop what?”
I drew a shallow breath. “This. What you’re

“What am I doin’, Shannon?” He anchored a

forearm to the wall above my head. His left arm hung at his side.

I swallowed. “You’re trying to scare me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” He looked me over again, and when he spoke, his voice came out deep and gravelly. “Right now, scaring you is the furthest thing from my mind.” He snagged a whiff of my perfume and inched closer. “Way I see it, I’ve politely asked you to leave, but you refused. So I’m left wondering what’s keeping you here. Can’t be my sunny disposition.”

His gaze traveled down my neck, to my chest, a chest that rose and fell in frantic succession. He spent a long time looking there … at my breasts.

I felt my nipples bead, felt my face burn. Embarrassed, I lowered my eyes, but that was a mistake. A full arousal tented his zipper.

He smiled. “See, I think you’re still here ‘cause somethin’s missing.”

“What?” I all but squeaked.

“Oh, I dunno. Maybe lover boy’s not cutting it in bed?”

Fury burned my cheeks. “How dare you.” “Just an honest question. I’m curious.”
“It’s none of your business.”
“What? Your sex life?” He cocked his head

and frowned. “Hell, do y’all even have one?” Before I could tell him to kiss my ass, he added, “Trust me. If he’s not getting it from you, he’s getting it somewhere.”

I seared him with a glare. “Your crudity is astounding.”

“I’m just giving you my humble opinion. Nothin’ more.”

“You don’t know the first thing about humility.”

“Yes, ‘really.’ You’re too full of yourself.”
A slow, wicked grin eased across his lips.

“Maybe so. But I’d bet the farm you wouldn’t mind being full of me too.”



About the Author


Tanya Holmes is a former Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist, a recipient of the Maggie Award, the MICA Award, as well as Overall Winner of the Sandy Haddad Award and a two-time finalist and one-time winner of The Emily (Best of the Best). She’s happily married with children and loves reading, writing and a good cup of coffee—but not necessarily in that order. Her debut novel, Within Temptation is due out on May 12, 2014.

Connect with the Author

Facebook –

Goodreads –

Twitter –

Website –

Amazon Author Page –

Trace Dawson on Twitter –





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Dark Incidence by A.G. Liam Review




Dani is determined to change. Trodden down by her abusive stepdad, neglectful mother, and nonexistent social life, Dani decides to leave it all behind—she flees into the night and finds herself in a dark, and strangely wondrous, new world. A world unknown to most humans.

However, destiny is an unpredictable force. Through a peculiar turn of events, she unknowingly gets entangled in a brutal war waging between two factions of vampires.

The Ruemisuds are a technologically advanced, elite vampire society that wants absolute control. They will stop at nothing to get it, including experimenting on unsuspecting humans and decimating the Rhowels, a clandestine, rebel clan of vampires. This clan possesses a key to survival that the Ruemisuds desperately want, and they will protect it until the bitter end.

Dani’s riveting journey has just begun in this beautiful tale of love, hate, betrayal, and, above all, survival. The war is escalating quickly and Dani is determined to survive. Who will help her? Who will win the war?


Dark Incidence by A.G. Liam it’s a wonderful debut novel. I was given an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review. It is not your typical vampire novel.

Dani is the main character, she’s a loner who’s just trying to survive her abusive and alcoholic step father and checked out mom until her 18th birthday. Her life has been a living hell for the past two years since her brother’s death. She and her mother are no longer allowed contact with Dani’s grandma as Stan the step father does not approve.

From the prologue the story grabbed me from the first sentence and would not let go until the very last sentence. Parts were pretty intense and graphically gory- I have a bit of weak stomach and I will admit to skimming those sections. I also had a hard time with the actions of some of the characters, to me their actions don’t seem to make sense. Good or bad A.G. Liam’s characters make you feel something.

Overall I enjoyed reading Dark Incidence and am looking forward to reading book two which is advertised as coming soon. If you can stomach the graphically gory parts (or can just skim them like I did) and like paranormal, sci fi & tech than this should go into your to read pile.

About the author

A.G. Liam grew up in a gloomy and quaint suburb
near London, England, and now lives in sunny southern
California with her husband and her son.
She has been an avid horror and paranormal fan since
she can remember, reading Goosebumps when she was a
child, to watching Twilight Zone as a teenager with her
She earned her B.A. is psychology, but decided to
follow her passion of storytelling instead.
Her favorite pastime is watching paranormal and
horror movies, painting landscapes and seascapes, and
reading fictions of all kinds.


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Yesterday’s Promises by Teresa Keefer

Yesterday's Promises (2)


Shannon McKinley grew up in the little town of Bedrock. Her neighbor was Tyler Rivers a cute next door neighbor that she had a crush on.  Little did she know that he had a crush on her too.

Years later Shannon a widow with a beautiful daughter Shiloh moves back to Bedrock and with her parents on their farm.  Ty Rivers decides he needs to come back home too. He has a successful music career in Nashville and a young son Jesse.

Being a small town of course the high school sweethearts meet.  Will Yesterday’s Promises become Today’s reality? Read this great book to find out.

I really enjoyed this book and wish it was a series.  The author Teresa is great at making you feel a part of Bedrock.  This is a great read and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Head to the town of Bedrock and see for yourself.

5 stars by Valerie Reads I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.


Teresa Keefer is a self-published author by night and a ‘temporarily retired’ human resource professional during the day. Her primary interest is romantic fiction; however, she has been known to dabble in other genres when the mood strikes her. Being an avid reader of everything from non-fiction to horror to romance and erotica since she was young, her dream of becoming a published author herself became a reality in 2013 when she published a contemporary romance she completed in 2007. She is a current member of Romance Writers of America as well as the Indiana Chapter of RWA.

Coming Home was released in February 2013 through Amazon’s Create Space and Kindle Direct Publishing. Blood Vengeance-Book 1 Vengeance Trilogy was completed and released by the same platforms in July 2013 with the subsequent books due to release in 2014. On Valentine’s Day 2014 she released her second contemporary romance Yesterday’s Promises. She also has written several short stories and essays as well as poetry which may be found on

First-hand experience breathes life into her stories because they are set in places that she has visited. Coming Home is set in the beautiful, peaceful Smoky Mountain area of East Tennessee, which is her favorite place to relax. Blood Vengeance is set in the steamy, seductive New Orleans, a place where she and her daughters visited and to which she hopes to return. We should also watch for locations such as Las Vegas, New York City, Washington D.C. as well as some fictional locations that she has created in her own mind. She says that if she is able to start working on her bucket list soon, there will also be a visit to Ireland and hopefully a story from there too. Her favorite author saying is ‘be careful what you say or do…you might end up in my next novel’. Not to say that her fictional characters bear any resemblance to actual people, living or deceased. Readers have said things like ‘she pulls at the heartstrings’ and ‘she makes you feel like you are right there’ when reviewing her books. She says between book ideas that are fed to her by friends, her own imagination is continually coming up with new book ideas and she has no less than three works in process at a time.

Teresa is a lifelong Indiana resident living in a rural community in the east central portion of the state. As a single mother of three daughters, she returned to college as an adult and earned an MBA from Indiana Institute of Technology. Teresa has spent over 25 years in the human resource profession and has often threatened to write a humorous depiction of life in the human resource profession. Oh, the stories she could tell! She has been known to debate political and social issues with passion and generally does not back down, sometimes resorting to dry sarcasm to prove a point. In addition to spending time with her daughters and grandchildren she

has a lot of other interests that compete for her time such as cooking, sewing, gardening, crafting, studying spiritualism, and traveling.

Links to Teresa Keefer-Author-







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Lost in Flight Blog Tour

LIF Blog Tour Banner copy

Title: Lost in Flight (Complicated Love, #1)
Author: Neeny Boucher
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Series: The Complicated Love
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2013

Amazon UK:

Lost in Flight Cover

*Recommended for audiences over the age of 17*

If you like your characters quirky, socially awkward and badly behaved, this is the book for you. What if you got another chance with the love of your life even when you didn’t want one? Would you grab the opportunity or run as fast as you could in the opposite direction?

Christina Martin, lawyer, ex high school grunge queen, teenage bride, divorcee and once a suspected killer, is confronted by a past that she has spent the last eight years carefully avoiding. Drawn back to her hated hometown with her family under the worst of circumstances, matters are complicated when she finds the love of her life, ex husband and nemesis, Nicholas Riley, also in residence.

Riley, a man with secrets, who has a penchant for psychological games, made wary by life and with one weakness, his ex wife. Christina is the woman that brings out all his protective instincts and others less noble. All it takes is one fateful night, where these two collide, opening a door both thought slammed shut and locked forever.

From the past to the present, Christina and Riley show that true love doesn’t always run smoothly, it might not conquer all and most importantly, love is complicated.

“Lost in Flight” is book one in the “Complicated Love Series.”

Pic5_flyer (1)


Prologue:  Stopovers
Christina, The Present, Saturday 6 October 2012
Christina woke up with eyes that felt like lead, a drill going off in her head and a thirst that would take a lake to quench it.  It took her a moment to realize that she knew this room, but hadn’t been here in a long, long time.  Turning over slowly, she also realized she wasn’t alone.  Curled into her shoulder with an arm around her waist was her ex-husband, ex-love of her life and persona non grata, Nicholas Riley. 
He was fast asleep, breathing heavily with one leg out of the covers and a peaceful look on his face.  Her stomach dropped to the “no, no, no” level and she closed her eyes, counted to ten, but nothing changed.  When she opened her eyes, she still felt awful and he was still there.  
As quietly as a hung over – still possibly drunk – unsteady on their feet person could, Christina tried to extract herself from the situation.  Moving Riley’s arm from her waist, she slid over the side of the bed to try and get her bearings.  At this particular point in time, she didn’t have much recollection of last night, but it was pretty obvious what it involved.
Looking around the room for her clothes, she spotted her little blue dress on the floor at the end of the bed.  As she searched hurriedly for any other belongings, she noticed her panties on the mirror of the dressing table.  They were draped at an odd angle – like someone had sling shot them onto the mirror. 
Oh dear god
Christina couldn’t see her bra, shoes or handbag anywhere.  Bras and shoes she could do without, but the handbag? That-was-a-problem. 
Naked, she grabbed her dress, crouched on the floor and started hauling it on as quietly as she could.  This was going to be the fastest exit of shame in the history of exits of shame. Christina crawled as silently as possible to the dressing table to retrieve her panties, but as soon as she got them, she also got a good look at herself in the mirror.  The sight actually made her recoil.
There was mascara streaked down her face and lipstick all over the place.  She even had some lipstick on her teeth and down by her chin.  Her dark brown eyes were accentuated by smeared mascara and it looked like she’d gone a few rounds with MikeTyson. 
Then there was her hair.  It looked like she’d been ridden hard and hung out to dry.  Years ago, this wouldn’t have bothered her.  In those days, she was known as ‘Dina’, the high school grunge queen.  By today’s standards:  Christina Martin, lawyer, she looked a complete mess. 
Dragging her fingers through her hair and wiping as much of last night’s make up off her face as possible, Christina pulled on her panties with a hop, and a bump.  She started to creep toward the bedroom door thinking ‘so far, so good’ and was confident she could recover from this. 
All Christina needed to do was get out of there- desperately and before Riley woke up. If she could do that, then she could use the lawyers trick of deny,avoid, defer, engage and if necessary, settle. She also needed to drink something and go to the bathroom: badly, on both counts.
Christina had her hand on the bedroom door handle and for a moment she thought she was going to escape until she heard a voice behind her say, “Good morning.”  
Author Bio:
Neeny Boucher is a nom de plume because her real name sounds like a 19th Century suffragette. She is a lover of the weird, the outcast and those on the margins of society. An appreciator of music, art, film, television, popular culture, social encounters and the human condition. Originally from New Zealand, she is a strong supporter of the All Blacks, has lived all over the world and is currently a trailing spouse in a picturesque village in Switzerland with two wonderful children.

Her employment history is varied and has ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, not to mention, the messy. The sublime: teaching. The ridiculous: tour guide on a gondola when she has an irrational fear of heights. The messy: cleaning out turkey houses in Israel waiting for the European winter to pass.

She has done all sorts of things she wouldn’t allow her children to do, including hitchhiking around southern Africa in her wild youth. All the experiences, however, provided the opportunity to par-take in her favorite past time of people watching. A collector of amazing stories, Neeny decided it was time to put them in fiction, allowing readers to enjoy them as much as she did. 


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Forget Me Not Review Tour

Large Cover Forget Me Not


Title: Forget Me Not
Series: Collective #1
Author: Stacey Nash
Genre/Age Range: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Publisher: Entranced Publishing
Release Date: February 17, 2014


Since her mother vanished nine years ago, Anamae and her father have shared a quiet life. But when Anamae discovers a brooch identical to her mother’s favorite pendant, she unknowingly invites a slew of trouble into their world. When the brooch and the pendant are worn together they’re no longer pretty pieces of jewelry — they’re part of a highly developed technology capable of cloaking the human form. Triggering the jewelry’s power attracts the attention of a secret society determined to confiscate the device — and silence everyone who is aware of its existence. Anamae knows too much, and now she’s Enemy Number One.

She’s forced to leave her father behind when she’s taken in by a group determined to keep her safe. Here Anamae searches for answers about this hidden world. With her father kidnapped and her own life on the line, Anamae must decide if saving her dad is worth risking her new friends’ lives. No matter what she does, somebody is going to get hurt.



threat(2) (1)



About the Author:
Stacey Nash writes adventure filled stories for Young Adults in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. When her head isn’t stuck in a fictional world, she calls the Hunter Valley of New South Wales home. It is an area nestled between mountains and vineyards, full of history and culture that all comes together to create an abundance of writing inspiration. Stacey loves nothing more than spending her days being a stay at home mum with the flexibility of writing when inspiration strikes.
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4 Stars!

Find a comfy spot to read Forget Me Not by Stacey Nash, I devoured this story in one sitting. I’m not sure what I was expecting when I picked up the novel, however, I did enjoy the story. Technology, betrayal, and battle all shared equal parts in this debut novel.

Anamae and her best friend Will love to explore “Albert’s Second-Hand Treasures”. They have a competition to find the weirdest item and the loser buys coffee. While there Anamae finds a brooch that matches the necklace that her missing mother used to wear. Will buys it for her in remembrance. Anamae rushed home to make sure that it was a match. She some how activates the technology hidden in the necklace and brooch and turns invisible. That is when things start to get very interesting.

My biggest complaint is I had already figured out the big plot twist ending before it even happen.  Anamae comes across as selfish and naive so pretty much like a lot of teenagers. She completely ignores her friend of years for her sudden infatuation and obsession with the very cocky Jax. On the other hand the story was very interesting with the villains, the technology and the characters she created. I’m looking forward to reading book 2 coming this August 2014.

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