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The Mexican Gardner by Len Lamensdorf Review

The Mexican Gardener by Len Lamensdorf is a stomach twisting wild ride complete with treachery, greed, and Anthrax.

José and Hector grew up together attending the Mission school in Mexico. Hector’s rich parents simply wanted a good Catholic education for their son. He was a man who always seemed slightly shady and sadistic and to whom loyalty accounted for everything. José was a very intelligent boy who grew up wanting more than his middle-class parents could provide. By joining the Mexican army he paid for his medical education and learned combat skills. Although he discovered that being a physician did not suit he was able to switch to the Army reserves and attend graduate school. He graduated with honors in biological chemistry.

Years later Hector approaches José with an incredible offer of employment. A dream come true to a research scientist. However, not all is as it seems. And so starts the torment and pile of bodies.

Len Lamensdorf writing is vividly descriptive and is definitely a worthwhile read. I was fortunate enough to read it straight thru and during the daylight. I fully admit to being scared and a wee bit nauseous by the end of this. However, if you enjoy the thriller/mystery genre be sure to give this book a try. Lamensdorf also is the author of the young adult trilogy, The Will to Conquer, as well as several additional adult fiction novels.

I give this book 5 Stars.


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