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Debra Hyde’s playlist

My Playlist, You Say?

I must admit, coming up with a playlist wasn’t the easiest assignment for me. You see, I had a lot of musical training as a teenager and young adult, which gave me a broad appreciation for music—and leaves me easily distracted by what I hear. And I’ve been a music collector through all of my adult life, accumulating close to 50 full Ikea CD boxes and almost 2 terabytes of music—and leaves me with too much to choose from.

Because of my training, I can’t listen to classical or jazz music because I start analyzing it like a musician looking at sheet music the first time. And I can’t listen to any English-language vocal music because other people’s words interfere with mine.

What do I listen to? World music. And the more exotic, the better. I’m partial to music from the middle east (my parents lived there while I was in college), South Asian, and the Far East. Ambient world music that blends several cultures with a touch of electronica or new age is OK, too.

So here’s a selection of albums and several artists that’s introduce you to my workplace atmosphere.

Try plugging them into your favorite Internet radio service like Pandora and see what you get!

And, of course, enjoy! ~ Debra Hyde


Six Degrees of Ambient India

Badawi: Clones and False Prophets

Hong Ting: Chinese Traditional Music

Arabia: A Musical Journey

New World Dub 1&2


DJ Cheb I Sabbah

Desert Dwellers

Genetic Drugs

Jef Stott

Karsh Kale

MIDIval Punditz



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