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Kobee Manatee Heading Home to Florida by Robert Scott Thayer

Kobee Manatee Heading Home to Florida by Robert Scott Thayer

Kobee a West Indian manatee, also known as a Florida manatee, is the star of this children’s picture book. The story was about his journey back to Blue Spring state park in Florida. Along the way he meets two new friends in Tess the seahorse and Pablo the hermit crab.

The story was well written and beautifully illustrated. I would have loved when my children were little to have some of the prints to hang up in their nursery. This story would be wonderful to share with smaller children, however, older children could also benefit from the story with the inclusion of the fun real life manatee facts that are at the bottom of almost every page. There’s also a link to  save the manatees website. This book deserves 5 stars.


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